The┬ápermaculture design process begins with setting goals, and figuring out “where you are”. This may be an inventory of assets and skills, challenges, wants, and needs. Your goals could be to have an easy-to-maintain garden so that you actually use the produce you grow. Or maybe you want fruit trees. Or maybe you want to reduce the energy and water use in your home.

The on-site consultation is a walk-through of the landscape that is to be developed, changed, or regenerated. This will reveal the best locations of major features (buildings, access ways, water catchment, gardens, trees, planted visual barriers, earthworks, etc.). This normally includes a discussion of overall design features, as well as strategies of implementation and specific techniques. If desired, a full design with to-scale maps can be produced. Installation services are also available from digging to garden building to perennial planting.

Small raised garden bed assembled from free on-site materials.

Earthworks around a new build, making room for stone wall.

Schematic design plan with topography, buildings, access, planting, and water management systems.